Orange County Public Defender’s Office Introduced to Free Criminal Database Update

On April 5th, 2011, the Foundation for Continuing Justice introduced the Orange County Public Defender’s Office to the Criminal Database Update service that they can refer to their clients. The Criminal Database Update service provides those that have had their criminal record expunged, sealed or otherwise modify with the proactive step to update their record with private sector background check companies that are often used by employers.

For example, individuals who have utilized the Orange County Public Defender’s Office New Leaf Program and have been successful in their petitions for reduction of felonies or expungement, can take the necessary steps to make sure that a background check conducted by a potential employer does not report outdated information.

“In order to successfully reintegrate into the community, it is essential that former offenders possess the skills and support necessary to enter and compete for jobs in the labor market, especially at a time when employers are more frequently performing criminal background checks. This service allows those who have sought out post-conviction relief to be able to apply for jobs without the fear that their criminal record will be reported inaccurately to potential employers. ” said Foundation Director Natasha Buchanan.

Ms. Buchanan expects that more Public Defender Offices in California and throughout the nation will offer this additional resource to help individuals maximize their employment and education potential.

The Clearinghouse project is a free service for those who have had their record sealed or expunged. The Foundation is a non-profit legal foundation based in Santa Ana, California. Those interested in the project or utilizing the service can read more here: Criminal Record Clearinghouse

Orange County is home to over 3 million people and is the second most populated county in California behind Los Angeles County.

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  1. This is great… I just saw found this looking for the New Leaf program and can’t wait to get it over with.

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