About The Foundation

The Foundation for Continuing Justice (FFCJ) is a privately funded, non-profit legal foundation dedicated to providing those with a criminal record, the opportunity to reenter and reintegrate into society as productive individuals. The Foundation has two areas of focus. First, providing free legal research to lawmakers looking to reform laws that govern the retention and distribution of criminal records. Second, providing innovative tools to help former offenders.

The Foundation has helped legislators in several states create laws governing criminal record expungement, civil rights restoration and the use of expunged criminal records in the hiring process. The Foundation has expert attorneys who have spent years monitoring and researching laws in this rapidly changing area of law. The legal staff has experience drafting legislation, providing comparative analysis, policy impact reports and expert testimony.

There are several innovative projects created by or sponsored by the Foundation— all are provided for free. In 2012, the Foundation launched Pardon411.com, which provides free information about applying for a pardon in all 50 states. 2013, the Foundation partnered with some of the biggest companies in the criminal background check industry to create the Expungement Clearinghouse. This Clearinghouse helps solve the complex and serious problem of expunged or sealed criminal records appearing on background checks. More information about these projects and others can be found our projects page.

With more than 50,000 members and supporters, the Foundation is one of the largest organizations that focuses on the impact of criminal records on recidivism rates and the ability of former offenders to fully reintegrate into society.

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