Expungement Presentation – Gang Intervention Conference

Attorneys from the Foundation, Natasha Buchanan and Mathew Higbee, provided information during two separate breakout session at the Orange County Education Departments Gang Intervention Conference on April 29, 2011. The conference was attended by approximately 500 leaders in the effort to help reduce crime and help people transition out of gangs.

Expungement Presentation – Gang Intervention Conference

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  1. Hi Mr. Higbee, I’m trying to start an expungement program and I’m looking for training. Thanks, David Bethea

      • I am trying to find out how to expunge my felony convictions. I may have made a mistake in paying another firm that said they would do this for me for $495.00, I cannot remember the firms name but I am going to look it up and ask you if they are a reputeable organization.

  2. Sir , I do have minor violations on my record, thus leaving me unable to get work. I can not afford to hire a lawyer to get this expunged.Paid minor fines , 30 days in a detention facility for contempt of court. Please I need to get the forms to get this off my back , a partially disabled vet. good person , honest please help with some sdvise if possible. Thank you.

  3. Dear Mathew Higbee, I have several convictions in Washington state,and Missouri.I’ve made some wrong choices and would like a new start,can’t find work any where because of my convictions can you help me?

  4. Hello,I am trying to move on to another career,I have the exspugment. Papers to follow from a police dept.but they said if you were convicted of any crime in your life I assume you can’t get a seal or exspungment I was never convicted of the two crime they have on my record they dropped to a obstruct police officer w/ out violence so do I petion the courts first FILE said nothing could be done I am a single mother trying to raise two kids and better my finales for me and them to get a better job HELp

  5. My son had a felony more than ten years ago, hasnt had any trouble sence then. His felony accoured in Arizona . He has had trouble finding work, renting appartments, ect. He lives in Minnesota now and I was wondering if you knew of something he could do to seal his record. Monies are tight , hes deeply depressed about not being able to acheve a stable life style allways ending up in jobs going nowhere. If jail is supose to rehabilate someone and you serve your sentence, why dose it seem that he is still paying for his crime.

    Mom desperate to help.
    Robyn Millar

    • If he was convicted as an adult, the best he can do is have the conviction set-aside. This would change the disposition of the case from convicted to set-aside, which should make it easier for him to find work and housing.

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