Senate Judiciary May Block Firearm Rights Restoration Bill – AB 357

Nevada is the only state in the west that does not allow former offenders to return to court and prove that they deserve to have their firearm rights restored. Yes, even liberal, anti-gun California allows it.

If enacted, AB 357, would correct this problem by allowing some former offenders to return to court and have their rights restored if they can prove with clear and convincing evidence that they deserve to have their rights restored.

It is estimated that the bill could positively impact tens of thousands of people. However, those convicted of serious violent offenses or those involving a firearm would not be eligible. There are also waiting periods that need to be met.

The bill, which was supported by a wide range of groups, including the NRA and ACLU, was approved by the Assembly with a 39 to 1 vote. However, the bill is stalled in the Senate Judiciary.

The word is that Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Brower might not allow a vote on the bill.

To read the bill visist:

Those interested in seeing this bill enacted should immediately call or email Senator Brower and Senator Michael Roberson, The Republican Majority Leader, and let them know that you want this bill to become law.

Senator Greg Brower
[email protected]

Senator Michael Roberson
[email protected]

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  1. Please let this bill be enacted. I haven’t been able to own a gun because I had a marijuana possession charge from 1991. I can practice law, but I cannot own a gun.

  2. Thank you Assemblywoman Fiore for sponsoring this bill. I am a combat veteran who hasn’t been able to go hunting with my kids because of a single drug charge from nearly 10 years ago.

  3. I want to start by saying my heart- filled thank you to Assembly Woman Fiore. This bill is past due. To me after a person has done their time, and payed all fines and restitution, they should have a way to regain their rights.

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