Possible Change In Pennsylvania That Would Allow Expungement For More People

There is a bill being proposed that would allow more people to be able to clear their PA criminal record. It would allow individuals who have misdemeanors of the 2nd and 3rd degree can apply to have the records expunged if they have kept a clean record for 7-10 years respectively. However, Senator Pileggi is holding up the bill. The proposed expansion to PA expungement law, Senate Bill 391, has been referred to the Appropriations Committee where it needs to be scheduled for consideration by the Chairman, State Senator Corman. Please call Senator Corman’s office on this toll free number (855-741-2094) and simply let him or his staff members know that you want him to allow a vote on Senate Bill 391 (The expungement bill).

To read more about this issue please visit http://www.recordclearing.org/news/possible-change-in-pennsylvania-that-would-allow-expungement-for-more-people/.

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