Expungement Policy & Analysis

If you are a lawmaker looking to improve the laws that help deserving former offenders reintegrate into society, please contact us, we have a team of expert attorneys who are ready to help. We a free, non-partisan resource.

The dramatic increase in the use of criminal background checks, largely due to 9/11 and technology making it easier to store and transmit data, has increased the societal cost of branding people criminals for life. As a result, many states are evaluating and modifying their laws that pertain to the use of criminal records and what certain former offenders can do to modify or eliminate them. The Foundation’s goal is to provide accurate research and insightful information about the policy benefits of expanding the opportunities for former offenders to reduce or eliminate their criminal record. The Foundation employs expert attorneys and former policy makers to reach out to lawmakers who are looking reduce the societal costs of criminal records and help deserving former offenders fully integrate back into society.

The Foundation was provided drafts of legislation as well as proposed amendments for lawmakers in several states. This free resource is available lawmakers nationwide at any stage of the legislative process. Our attorneys will discuss your policy goals, analyze the existing law and help draft enforceable language that contemplates the wide range of implications that are often not foreseen by lawmakers or legislative counsel.

The Foundation’s legal team tracks criminal record related laws and regulations nationwide. We are familiar with the complex interplay between state and federal laws that can often prevent well meaning laws from obtaining their legislative objectives. Federal laws, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), federal regulations, such as guidelines put forth by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), state laws governing employment and the background check industry, and case law can all present hidden traps that can defeat the purposes of well meaning laws. Our legal team can also provide state-by-state comparisons of similar laws, reports on recents trends, and expected outcome analysis.

The Foundation legal team has not only prepared expert written testimony, we have provided live testimony before multiple legislative committees. Our attorneys can speak authoritatively on the impact and the pros and cons of proposed legislation.