Criminal Record Clearinghouse

The Criminal Record Clearinghouse solves the problem associated with courts clearing or updating a criminal record in their systems but not being able to have it removed or updated by private-sector background check providers. This problem not only prevents those who have had their record expunged, sealed or otherwise cleared from receiving the full benefit they deserve, it bogs down the courts, makes background checks less efficient, and denies society benefits of its laws.

Now, attorneys, courts and former offenders can provide information about cleared criminal records and the Foundation will verify it and provide updates to leading background check companies.

  • Are you a former offender looking to have your expunged or sealed record removed from private sector background checks? Click Here.
  • Are you a CRA looking to minimize your liability and provide more accurate records? Click Here.

Without the steps being taken by the Clearinghouse, a former offender’s record may remain in private-sector databases for years after a government agency has cleared or updated it. The Clearinghouse projects reduces the time to just a few months. There is even an expedited service offered for a modest additional fee in partnership with The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates.

The Clearinghouse provides benefits to all involved:


– Reduces overall workload on courts by helping reduce recidivism through enabling former offenders to better integrate into society.
– Reduces instances of people with cleared records calling the court for an explanation as to why the record is showing in private sector databases.


– Reduces legal liability under state and federal law for providing inaccurate data
– Reduces their client’s liability under state and federal law for relying on inaccurate data
– Saves money by reducing the number of disputes based on inaccurate data
– All updates are verified by licensed attorneys and contain a detailed instruction on how the old-data should be changed or deleted
– Updates are efficient and can be received in a weekly email or by querying an SQL database
– Foundation is a legal foundation with a fiduciary duty to background check companies


– Helps ensure they get the full benefit of the having their record cleared or modified by the court by greatly reducing it takes to update private-sector databases
– Reduces the chance of irreversible prejudice due to outdated data being distributed
– Enough data is provided to remove or update records, but not enough to create a record if it does not already exist in the company’s database
– Client identity is protected by the attorney-client privilege


– Reduces the longterm costs of the criminal justice system by reducing recidivism
– Helps ensure the policy benefits of clearing criminal records are received by society

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