Update Your Criminal Record


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Mathew K. Higbee

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RecordClearing.org is the foundation’s consumer education web site designed to provide free legal and professional advice for the millions of Americans that have a felony or misdemeanor criminal record. From clearing a criminal record to finding a job after a conviction, this site has (and will continue to get more) useful information provided by legal professionals and those experienced in helping people get the most out of life after a conviction.

Also among its goals is helping people avoid being taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses that prey on people’s hopes and desperation with promises of clearing their record that go undelivered. Lawyers who specialize in this important area of law receive a steady stream of complaints from consumers about fraud, negligence, and the unauthorized practice of law by “form processors” and “paralegals.” This site can help consumers fight back by providing advice on how to report such actions to state officials and consumer advocacy groups— and pursue possible class action lawsuits.

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