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Project Manager:

Dean Taylor

Year Completed:



A few months after deploying the beta version of Pardon411.com, our free form generating web application, we have decided to rethink the way it works. Since the site was launched, we have had thousands of visitors and nearly 200 individuals use the online system to complete their pardon application. We also collected a great deal of feedback about the website, the idea, and most importantly, how it made such an important task easy to complete.

After carefully reviewing the data and responses we received, we decided to completely change the format, goal, and presentation of the website. You will now find a lot more information and easier to follow instructions on how to apply for a pardon in the correct jurisdiction. The platform we chose to work with is MediaWiki, the same system that powers MediaWiki. Not only have we done a ton of research to provide visitors with all the information they will need to apply for pardons, we have created a method for individuals to discuss and ask questions.

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